6 Website Mistakes You’re Probably Making Right Now

From the great folks over at BorrowLenses.com and SmugMug, a quick and dirty article on 6 mistakes you may be making with your (portfolio) web site. Be sure to take a look and make sure you’re not making these easy-to-fix mistakes! My personal favorite is #3:

“The Fire Hose: A Million Tiny, Grainy Photos.” Show your work in the best possible light. This means being selective and displaying your photos as big as you’re comfortable going so your visitors don’t have to guess at what they’re seeing. Be thoughtful about the content you put front and center; you don’t want your visitors to have to wade through dark, blurry vacation snaps before they see what an awesome wildlife photographer you are.

We all love to take pictures on vacations, parties, and so on but they don’t all need to consume center stage on your web site. Be sure to show off your best work, it could be the difference between getting hired and getting passed by!

6 Website Mistakes You’re Probably Making Right Now via Alexandria on BorrowLenses.com

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